Car Insurance Now Aims For The Low Cost Car Insurance Market

Car Insurance Now is certainly a new player in the car insurance game – but promise to target the lower end of the insurance segment by offering competitive and affordable automotive insurance to South African drivers. Whilst there are many online insurance companies with call centres all eager to take your call – most of them are brokers who use any and all insurance companies to provide you with a car insurance quote that offers cheap monthly premiums.
Not many make sure that it’s insurance that you can actually use – especially when it comes to making a claim.

What CarInsuranceNow aims to do with its Affordable Insurance – is really two things:
• Make sure the monthly premiums are low
• Ensure the excess is affordable too

Too often South African find themselves under tremendous financial pressure where they are forced to make poor financial decisions – especially those concerning their monthly costs and might overlook a very important part of the whole insurance picture – the TOTAL COST of insurance. This includes the excess payable in the event of a claim arising. The claim could be minor or something, such as reversing into a low fire hydrant, or quite major – where you or your passengers are possibly injured.

Allen Daniel, CEO of Car Insurance Now has this to say: “It’s important to consider the whole package when you take insurance. The last thing you want to do is discover that your excess is so high that you are unable to make a claim and pay for the cover to fix your car or the liability towards the other parties’ injuries. Affordable means different things for different people. Make sure that cheap doesn’t end up being unaffordable”.
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