Medical/Healthcare Insurance in South Africa

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Your health is your wealth; that is why investing in health insurance is a good way to ensure you enjoy the long-term dividends of a healthy lifestyle. However, with so many choices for health insurance in South Africa, it can be stressful finding the one that will suite your needs, and deliver on its promises and more. Health insurance pays out when you find yourself in ER, need surgery, or are befallen by an illness. This is different from a medical aid because health insurance pays a specified amount (also called the amount insured) to you and not to the medical practitioners. You can use your payout for anything. This is a list of health insurers who you can compare cover from.

Standard Bank Health Insurance

Standard Bank Insurance offers healthcare insurance that is underwritten by AIG Life Insurance. Although Standard Bank is generally known for its banking services, the company has a compelling healthcare insurance plan that covers injuries from accidents and major health complications that may require surgery for example.

You can find out more about Standard Bank Healthcare Insurance by visiting

OnePlan Health Insurance

Starting from R265 per month, you can get healthcare cover from OnePlan Insurance. This company, which is underwritten by Zurich Insurance, offers a broad suite of products. They are categorized in different brackets, i.e. from the most affordable to the most costly.

OnePlan’s website is

Affinity Health

Affinity is a proudly South African healthcare insurance provider that has received much traction in recent years. One of the most attractive benefits of taking up healthcare cover from Affinity is because of their offer for unlimited GP visits for you and your immediate family members which you have covered under your policy. Affinity’s hospital plans cost from as little as R335 per month.

Find more cover from Affinity Health on

Momentum Health

As one of South Africa’s largest healthcare insurance providers, Momentum Health has become synonymous with medical cover, not least because the insurer is so large and diverse, but because of their specific products for many of the country’s income brackets. Momentum Multiply is another attractive product that comes with being a Momentum Health policyholder. With Multiply, you earn points and discounts when you purchase goods and services at the insurance company’s partners.

For Momentum Health insurance and Multiply benefits, visit


This is a relatively new player in the healthcare insurance industry. However, unlike the bigger players, GetSavvi offers cover from a wide range of options that you can choose to meet your own lifestyle. The main advantage about this is that you can save a lot of money in your monthly premiums for medical cover.

To save money, get a quote on GetSavvi’s website:

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