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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

You may not be aware of the need for life insurance, but it is one of the most important financial decisions you can ever make for yourself and your family. While a simple funeral insurance policy covers you in the event of your death, or the death of any of the members in your policy, have you ever thought about the impact retrenchment, terminal illness, and even disability can do to your life while you are still alive?
Life insurance covers you, your spouse, children and other family members for where you become physically disabled, develop a critical illness such a stroke or heart attack, or when you lose your job and cannot provide for yourself and depends.

1Life Insurance

As South Africa’s first successful direct life insurance company, 1Life had a great head start against the companies that followed suite. 1Life offers cover of up to R10-million and underwrites the long-term insurance products of its sister companies, Dial Direct, Budget Insurance, and sells its products through independent affiliates. is the website for 1Life Insurance South Africa.


Assupol remains South Africa’s largest mutual assurance company. This means that the company is owned by policyholders and not external shareholders. There are many benefits to this structure, else Assupol would not have grown to more than a million clients. Assupol has 3 life insurance plans that start at R73 per month, and cover extends to a maximum of R10-million.

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LifeCompare South Africa

There’s been a lot of insurance comparison websites where you can get quotes for motor vehicles, but few for life insurance. This is where LifeCompare has taken a different direction and decided to specialize in the comparison of life insurance quotes. The online aggregator’s website is easy to use and offers a wealth of information about life insurance in South Africa.
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Momentum Life Insurance

Momentum is the other half of what makes up the MMI Group (excluding Guardrisk). Through a network of very qualified financial planners, Momentum is able to deliver exceptional service to policyholders across South Africa. While its sister company, Metropolitan Life, caters to the low and lower middle income insurance buyers, Momentum is solely focused on upper income and more affluent South Africans. However, that doesn’t mean the insurer’s products are costly. On the contrary, Momentum life insurance products are some of the most affordable in the industry.

For affordable life cover from Momentum, visit

Old Mutual Life Cover

South Africa’s largest and oldest insurance company, Old Mutual totally revamped its life insurance offering a few years ago, and it’s worked well for them and customers. The company’s Greenlight Life Insurance products are catered to the needs of South Africans who want flexible but yet comprehensive insurance.

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Standard Bank Life Cover

Standard Bank has found favour among life insurance buyers. While you might not associate Standard Bank with insurance, it is a bank after all, the company has owned a significant portion of Liberty Life for many years, and the two companies have really been successful at leveraging their different brands to get more clients while expanding the quality of their services.

Standard Bank’s long-term insurance is underwritten by Liberty Life, see more here

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