The Most Popular Car Insurance Providers in South Africa

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

These are the best motor insurance providers in South Africa. Make comparisons among all of them or just go to the one you think is perfect for what you need and get covered.

Santam Short-term Insurance

Santam is the largest short-term insurance company in South Africa, with a wide range of products that not only cover motor vehicle insurance, but other insurance types such as caravan, boat, and lorry insurance, and insurance for your personal and household goods. As the biggest among these insurers, Sanlam has the unique position of able to price its insurance premiums reasonably lower than many, however, you should always note that each individual motor insurance policy is determined in its own merits. Santam is a member of the Sanlam Group.

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MiWay Car Insurance

MiWay Insurance is the direct short-term insurance company owned by Sanlam Limited. Through Sanlam and Santam, MiWay is able to tap into the best and possibly widest resources in the motor industry to give you comprehensive yet flexible car insurance that meets your changing lifestyle at every juncture in your life. What’s more is that MiWay benefits its policyholders with cash rewards after just 3 months of taking up insurance.

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Compare Car Insurance South Africa

The website is one of the best motor insurance quotes comparison websites in South Africa. As a comparison site, Compare Car Insurance is able to help you pull information about various car insurance companies and make independent recommendations about which insurer best suites your needs, and more importantly, by using the website to compare vehicle insurance quotes, you can save money on your monthly premiums.

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King Price Insurance

King Price is South Africa’s first insurance company to offer cover with decreasing monthly premiums. The main reasoning behind this move is that your car’s value depreciates accordingly every passing month, so why should your insurance increase? When you look at it, when your insurance increases, in real terms, it takes up a larger and larger share of the costs of running your vehicle. Thousands of South Africans have been satisfied by King Price, and you too are bound to find a policy that suites your needs. They also offer home and household insurance, and are not limited to car insurance.

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Discovery Insure

The best known medical insurance provider in South Africa is also growing fast in car insurance. Although these are two completely unrelated insurance types, Discovery has been quite genius in employing the same tactics as it uses in its Vitality programme and incorporate them in their motor insurance offering. With Discovery Insure, not only do you get affordable car insurance, but you can qualify for discounts on your fuel spend at any BP garage nationwide, discounts at Tiger Wheel & Tyre and many other useful benefits.

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Hippo was the first insurance comparison website to be successful in South Africa. The company has expanded to include other insurance types and financial services. These are no longer provided by its sister companies like Auto & General, Budget, and so on, all of which are under the Telesure umbrella company.

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